**Before registering your first application, please note there will be a client secret that is only available one time. Please copy and paste this information for later use. **

Step one

Create a Digi-Key API Solutions account by clicking on "Create an account" located at the top right of the page.

Fill out the new account form and include your organization name under "Developer organization". If you are not the first developer at your organization to register then you must have the organization owner send an invitation to you. Otherwise you may accidentally register a duplicate organization with seperate apps and users. The organization owner can send an invitation by viewing the "my organization" page when clicking on their username at the top of the page.

Step two

Confirm your account via the email sent to you and log into Digi-Key API Solutions.

Step Three

Once logged in, click on "Apps" in the navigation bar to begin the Application Registration. Select the link on the page titled "Register new Application" and complete the required fields.

On the next page, your client secret will display. Select the box to "Show Client Secret" and copy the secret.

Step Four (Optional)

At any point in time you can validate whether you have the correct secret documented for your app.

Navigate to the Client Credentials and click on "Verify" to the right of the Client Secret field.

Once on the "Verify application secret" page, paste the client secret from the previous page and click "Submit".

The following message will appear if you have entered the secret for this app.