Welcome to Digi-Key API Solutions


If you are looking to leverage Digi-Key APIs in a new application, please visit our new developer portal (https://developer.digikey.com).  The new developer portal at developer.digikey.com is the home to our newly released APIs, release version 3.

In support of the version 3 release, new client application registrations for versions 1 or 2 of  our DK APIs is not available. Likewise new api-portal.digikey.com user registrations are not available.

Important information to know:

Release version 3 is a contract breaking release.

This means?

Client applications which have been created here (api-portal.digikey.com) for use with DK API versions 1 (v1) and 2 (v2), will not be found on the new Developer Portal.


As noted, version 3 is a contract breaking release. Client applications in use with DK APIs v1 or v2 will not work with release version 3 (v3).

What will I need to do to use v3?

We suggest beginning with reading the changelog for v3.

Then read the developer portal site documentation, which will inform you of how to begin registering a new v3 client application.

What about v1 and v2?

Client applications currently in use with v1 and v2 will continue to work, v1 and v2 APIs have not been removed or deprecated. 

Technical support for v1 and v2 issues are still handled on this site (https://api-portal.digikey.com/help). Please do not request support for v1/2 APIs on the v3 Developer Portal.

New client application registrations for v1/v2 DK APIs is not available.

New api-portal.digikey.com user registrations are not available.




As the fundamental building block to a digital strategy, API (Application Programming Interfaces) allows information integration between two systems in real time.

Digi-Key Electronics offers a complete set of API's to share information and automate the ordering process.

Available API's:

  • Price & Availability
  • Ordering**
  • Order Status
  • Order History Summary
  • Invoicing*
  • Account History Summary*
  • Naming Conventions*
  • Quoting*
  • Barcode API

-- We are not accepting new client applications on this site. See above.

*Coming Soon

** Subject to Digi-Key approval