API Response - Did not receive expected response, error codes

Pricing response is different than what is on Digi-Key website?

The Digi-Key website makes many locale changes when you visit the website, it provides pricing based on this locale information and the account information signed into the website.

To match the API pricing response against the Digi-Key website:

Use the /partsearch/<version>/partdetails API  (this is the only method that will give you exact pricing for part)

Update the API request with locale information

I received an error code 429, when can I make a request again?

When you received the error code 429, you will also find in the response header the field: "X-RateLimit-Reset"

This field gives the time, in seconds, until the rate limit is reset and you can begin making requests.



In the above response it would be 28,416 seconds (~8 hours), until you could make another request.

I received an error code (400,401,405,429) what does it mean?

An error code 400 is a Bad Request - Somehow your client request is malformed/invalid. Also possible, but less likely, the requested part has not been found.

An error code 401 is Unauthorized - Your access token may not be valid and may need to be refreshed. You have not subscribed your client application to a Digi-Key API plan.

An error code 405 is Method Not Allowed - You are making a request in a format that is not expected. Example is making a GET request when the data needs to be presented as POST.

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